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Solid Color Badge Reels
w/ Reinforced Vinyl Strap,
No Sticker & Spring Clip
(25 per pack)

Solid Color Badge Reels<br>w/ Reinforced Vinyl Strap,<br>No Sticker & Spring Clip<br>(25 per pack)
Item# 2120-475x
$34.95, 4 packs $99.95, 20 packs $479.95

Product Description

Solid Color Badge Reels with Reinforced Vinyl Strap, NO Sticker. Round Solid-Colored Plastic Clip-on badge reel with reinforced vinyl strap clip, Silver sticker & Spring Clip. Reel Dimensions: 1 1/4" (32mm) Cord Length: 34" (864mm)

Colors "select one" "Black 2120-4751" "Blue 2120-4752" "Green 2120-4754" "Red 2120-4756"