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LogoReel Custom Badge Reel
(25 per pack)

LogoReel Custom Badge Reel <br>(25 per pack)
Item# 2124-3032
Colors:  Translucent: 

Product Description

Promote your company brand, organization or message with LogoReel badge reels. LogoReel custom badge reels offer a larger customizable printing area than the standard badge reels offered, allowing your identity to stand out!

Reel diameter: 1 3/8" (35mm)
Retractable cord length: 36" (915mm)

Colors "select one" "Black 2124-3031" "Blue 2124-3032" "White 2124-3038" "Red 2124-3036" "Grey 2124-3040"

Translucent "select one" "Translucent clear 2124-3030" "Translucent blue 2124-3033" "Translucent red 2124-3035" "Translucent purple 2124-3037"