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Translucent Badge Reels
w/ Clear Vinyl Strap
& Slide-Type Belt Clip
(25 per pack)

Translucent Badge Reels<br>w/ Clear Vinyl Strap<br>& Slide-Type Belt Clip<br>(25 per pack)
Item# 2120-3606
$19.95, 4 packs $59.95, 20 packs $279.95

Product Description

Translucent colored plastic reel. Slide type belt clip with clear vinyl strap and no sticker.

Colors "Select a Color" "Clear 2120-3600" "Royal Blue 2120-3602" "Green 2120-3604" "Orange 2120-3605" "Red 2120-3606" "Yellow 2120-3609" "Purple 2120-3613"