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Luggage Tag Loops
(100 per pack)

Luggage Tag Loops<br>(100 per pack)
Item# 2410-2006
$7.95, 5 packs $37.95, 10 packs $74.95
Quantity:  Colors 6cm:  Colors 9cm: 

Product Description

Colorful and flexible. These flexible loop straps are a great way to add
a splash of color to your luggage while keeping your luggage tag secure.

"Colors 6cm" "Select Color" "Clear 2410-2000" "Black 2410-2001" "Blue 2410-2002" "Green 2410-2004" "Red 2410-2006" "White 2410-2008" "Burgundy 2410-2010"

"Colors 9cm" "select one" "Clear 2410-2100"