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Lanyard Badge Reel Combo

Lanyard Badge Reel Combo<br>(25 per pack)
Lanyard Badge Reel Combo
(25 per pack)
Item# 2138-7003
$39.95, 4 packs $119.95, 20 packs $529.95

Product Description

Round badge reel with clear vinyl strap and 5/8" woven polyester lanyard Reel. Break-Away design for safety.
Dimensions: 1 1/4" (39mm) Badge Reel Lanyard Length: 36"(914mm) Cord Length: 34" (864mm)

Colors "Select Color" "Black 2138-7001" "Navy Blue 2138-7003" "Royal Blue 2138-7004" "Red 2138-7006" "White 2138-7008"