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Fargo HDP5000 Printer - High Definition Printing - Duplex

Fargo HDP5000 Printer - High Definition Printing - Duplex
Item# 89003

Product Description

Speedy duplex (dual-sided) printing. The HDP5000 duplex ID card printer provides double the card designing/printing area and eliminates the efforts of reloading cards to print on both sides using a single-sided printer. The HDP5000 duplex printer is able to produce 51 full color, dual-sided cards per hour - saving you substantial amounts of time and energy. Seconds saved per card certainly adds up with large volume printing applications.

'High definition' results. So, what's so great about HDP? Well, the Fargo HDP5000 duplex printer is an ideal choice for printing on technology cards and is able to produce results that are more like a fresh, glossy photo than an old ID badge. In traditional dye sublimation printers, ribbon and cards come in direct contact with the printhead. This can affect image quality and even cause damage to the printhead if you are using cards that have smart chips, or embedded antennas and circuits. In contrast, there is no direct printhead contact with the HDP5000 duplex ID card printer because it first prints your images on HDP film that is then fused to your card via heat and pressure, producing flawless printing on any surface.

HDP film provides an additional benefit of adding durability and protection to your cards. First, it acts as a 'buffer' from everyday wear and tear. Second, it's tamper-evident; if a counterfeiter attempts to peel apart the layers, the image will ultimately be destroyed.

A modular design that anticipates your future needs. Order the Fargo HDP5000 duplex printer with the features that you need today - but rest assured it can be configured to your needs of tomorrow. The modular design of the HDP5000 duplex ID card printer allows you to easily upgrade to encoding technologies, and single-sided or duplex lamination. These modules enable you to print, encode and laminate your cards in one pass.

Built-in Ethernet connectivity. Your card issuance application does not have to be limited to a stand-alone badging station. Operate your card printing and encoding application safely and seamlessly over your network with the Fargo HDP5000 duplex printer's built-in Ethernet connectivity and internal print server. The HDP5000 duplex ID card printer is additionally fitted with USB connectivity.

  • Single side and duplex printing
  • Color and monochrome printing Print speed:
    -38 seconds per full color (YMC) single-sided card with transfer
    -46 seconds per full color (YMCK) single-sided card with transfer
    -70 seconds per full color (YMCKK) dual-sided card with transfer Input hopper capacity: 100 - 30 mil cards
  • Output hopper capacity: 200 - 30 mil cards
  • Card size: CR80 - standard credit card size
  • Card thicknesses: 30 mil - 50 mil (print only)
  • Interface: USB and Ethernet with internal print server
  • Software drivers: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista
  • Driver includes Fargo Workbench Printer Utility, a user-friendly diagnostics tool that makes printer operation easy
  • Dimensions: 17.50" W x 11.50 "H x 9.25" D (445 mm W x 292 mm H x 235 mm D)