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Evolis Tattoo RW Printer

Evolis Tattoo RW Printer
Item# TTR201BBH

Product Description

The monochrome, rewritable Evolis Tattoo RW printer is a great reusable resource that allows your plastic cards to adapt as cardholder data changes. The Evolis Tattoo RW is perfect for businesses in which card data changes regularly, and are searching for an economical and environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional card printing.

Reusable cards + no ribbon = valuable savings. The Evolis Tattoo RW printer uses cards that contain thermo-sensitive material that make it possible for you to erase and re-print on them up to 500 times.

The Tattoo RW also features ribbon-free technology that eliminates the need for a ribbon and therefore reduces your cost per card. These cost-saving features are also a valuable savings to the environment because you're not throwing away cards each time you need to make an update, and you're eliminating the associated waste linked to printing cards with a ribbon.

Designed to go anywhere. The compact design of the Evolis Tattoo RW printer allows it be installed at any workstation. Plus, it weighs in at just over 5 pounds, making it extremely easy to tote around to any of your locations or events.

Easy to operate. The Evolis Tattoo RW printer is very easy to use and its printer driver settings can be customized to your needs. For example, you can define erasing and non-erasing areas on your card to prevent heating on a smart chip. Also, its clamshell opening offers quick access inside the printer for routine cleanings.

Issue sophisticated cards with optional encoding. The Evolis Tattoo RW printer can be ordered with magnetic stripe or contactless smart card encoding capabilities so that you can create multi-functional ID cards.

  • Print Sides Single side printing
  • Print Capability Blue or black monochrome rewritable printing
  • Erase & Rewrite Speeds (sec/card)
    -8 seconds per single-sided card (via manual feed)
    -12 seconds per single-sided card (via card feeder)
    -4 seconds per single-sided card (with 3-track ISO magnetic encoding)
  • Hopper Capacities (30 mil cards)
  • Input: 100
  • Output: 15
  • Card Size CR80 - standard credit card size
  • Acceptable Card Thickness Range 20-30 mil
  • Interface USB & Ethernet
  • Software Drivers Microsoft® Windows® XP & Vista - 32& 64 bits
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) Without output hopper: 7.36" x 6.54" x 11.42" (187mm x 166mm x 290mm)
  • With output hopper: 7.36" x 6.54" x 14.49" (187mm x 166mm x 368mm)