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Evolis Quantum Printer
High Capacity Printing - Duplex

Evolis Quantum Printer  <br>High Capacity Printing - Duplex
Total printing autonomy. With the Evolis Quantum, start your print job before leaving the office and, on your return the following morning, your cards will be done! With a 1000 card capacity for its card hoppers and color ribbon, the Evolis Quantum printer is the only printer on the market to offer a total printing autonomy of 1000 (monochrome, single-sided) cards. The autonomy of the Evolis Quantum is further reinforced in monochrome mode thanks to a 5000 cards per roll capacity for the black ribbon.

Easy to use. The Evolis Quantum is as easy to use as a desktop printer and is able to personalize pre-printed and blank cards with high resolution text, logos, photos and barcodes. To make it even more convenient, the Evolis Quantum printer has two card feeders and two output hoppers. The card hoppers are selectable and work independently from one another. They allow the possibility to manage two or more different types of cards at the same time. Each output hopper has a reject box for defective cards.

Available encoding options. The Evolis Quantum also offers magnetic encoding, smart card encoding and contactless card personalization technology options.

Ideal Markets/Applications
1. Service bureau
2. Access control
3. Other high volume applications

  • Single- and duplex printing
  • Color and monochrome printing
  • Print speed:
    -3.6 seconds per single-sided monochrome card
    -25.7 seconds per single-sided full color (YMCKO) card
    -32.7 seconds per dual-sided full color (YMCKOK) card
  • Input hopper capacity: 500 - 30 mil cards (per hopper)
  • Output hopper capacity: 500 - 30 mil cards (per hopper)
  • Card reject box capacity: 25 - 30 mil cards (per hopper)
  • Card size: CR80 - standard credit card size
  • Card thickness: 30 mil
  • Interface: USB, Centronics Parallel
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Mac and Linux
  • Dimensions: 27.55" W x 20.07" H x 11.81" D (700 mm W x 510 mm H x 300 mm D)
  • Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)